Warren Taylor, co-owner of Snowville Creamery

Snowville Creamery

Caitlyn Zachry
March 3, 2011

Snowville Creamery’s mission is to create “milk the way it used to be,” with pasture-fed cows, minimal pasteurization and sustainable farming practices. On the Pomeroy farm, milk from Guernsey, Jersey, Holstein and Brown Swiss cows is collected and packaged the same day – it is sent to local grocers 12-48 hours after being cartooned. The plant itself was designed for efficiency, as it is placed directly next to the pastures that Stacy Hall and Bill Dix’s cows graze on.

“When I tasted the milk from Bill and Stacy’s cows, I recognized that it was so different from the milk at the grocery store,” said owner Warren Taylor, who started Snowville with his wife in hopes of halting a 30 year decline in American children’s milk consumption. “I thought that the milk was so delicious that it was a milk people would recognize.”

“The company has really exploded in popularity in the last year or so,” says Lissa Jollick, who has consulted with Snowville since 2006 through the Voinovich School’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC). “There is a huge following of people that are tasting this milk and noticing the difference.”

Start-up and already established small businesses can consult with SBDC, which provides a variety of services from restructuring debt to recordkeeping assistance. Jollick and a team of graduate students established a marketing plan for Snowville two years ago and have since aided the owners in financing and connecting with business contacts.

“The support of the Voinovich School has been a big help from the very beginning,” Warren said. “Lissa’s advice has helped our business stay alive.”