New ELPC Study Finds over 150 Ohio Companies Working in Wind and Solar Power Industry

January 21, 2011

 Columbus – The Environmental Law & Policy Center has released a new study of Ohio’s wind and solar energy supply chain. The study finds that 106 Ohio companies are doing business with the wind power industry and 63 Ohio companies are part of the solar energy supply chain.
Ohio’s strong manufacturing base and skilled workforce, together with supportive policies and smart investments have helped make Ohio a center for clean energy manufacturing. From major companies like First Solar and Cardinal Fastener to over 100 small manufacturers, developers and service firms; clean energy means business for Ohio.
“Wind and solar power has created thousands of good jobs across Ohio,” said Howard Learner, Executive Director of the Environmental Law & Policy Center. “Longstanding manufacturing companies are retooling to supply the growing clean energy market and new businesses are expanding. Smart policies can continue that growth.”
The report finds that wind industry suppliers employ over 7,500 people in Ohio and, according to the Ohio Department of Development, solar manufacturing has created over 1,500 jobs statewide.
“Ohio has worked hard to develop a climate conducive to advanced energy suppliers. Ohio-based companies are providing components and products for the energy sector worldwide,” said Scott Miller, Director of Energy and Environmental Program’s at Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs. “As the global need for affordable clean energy increases, this state is poised to take advantage of new technologies and the business and job growth that will come with it.”
View full release and access the report: click here