Jeff Finkle accepts the ANEP Fellow appointment at the Voinovich School

OHIO Alum Jeff Finkle named ANEP Fellow at the Voinovich School

October 15, 2010

 (Athens, OH – October 14, 2010) With more than thirty years of experience in economic development, both nationally and abroad, the Voinovich School is honored to announce the appointment of Jeff Finkle as the Appalachian New Economy Partnership (ANEP) Fellow. Funded through the Ohio Board of Regents, the ANEP develops Appalachia Ohio's long-term economic prosperity by supporting and developing technology, entrepreneurship, and educational access in the region. This appointment recognizes Finkle's incredible achievements in the field of economic development and more importantly the value he can bring to the University and region for business and economic growth.  Jeff will work with local economic development leaders like Bill Dingus, President of the Lawrence County Economic Development, Dan Evans, Executive Dean of the Regional Campus on regional development, David Wilhelm, Principal Woodland Ventures, and Cara Brook, President and CEO of the Foundation for Appalachia Ohio on public private partnerships development with the School.
A 1976 Ohio University graduate with a B.S. in Communications, Finkle currently serves as President and CEO of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) in Washington, D.C., the world’s largest economic development membership organization. Focusing on community revitalization, business development and job creation, Finkle’s Washington, D.C.-based non-profit is the product of a merger between the American Economic Development Council and the Council for Urban Economic Development, where Finkle served as President for fifteen years. He has established multi-lateral partnerships for regional and national organizations and advised on economic development in China, Latin America, Europe and Oceania.
His appointment in the Reagan Administration to Deputy Assistant Secretary in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development saw contributions to programs such as Community Development Block Grants and Urban Development Action Grants. Finkle continues to lecture on economic development issues and advises Congressional Committees. He currently sits on the Consultative Committee of World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies and the Executive Committee of the Arlington Virginia Economic Development Commission. He serves on the Board of Directors for Climate Prosperity Inc., a company dedicated to promoting regional environmentally-friendly initiatives and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
A committed philanthropist and activist, Finke also develops community service projects. His 2005 recovery effort for Hurricane Katrina victims brought 250 economic development volunteers to Gulf Coast communities in need. He has also founded the Bollinger Foundation, a non-profit organization providing financial assistance to children who have lost a parent who worked in the field of economic development, which has awarded approximately $500,000 in grants to date.
Prior to the recent fellowship appointment, Finkle served on the Institute for Local Government Administration and Rural Development Advising Committee, and currently serves on the Voinovich School’s Strategic Partners Alliance, working on programs to directly benefit the economy of Appalachia Ohio. Finkle will be receiving the Ohio University Alumni Association Medal of Merit at the Alumni Awards Gala on Friday, October 15.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Jeff Finkle, please contact Amista Lipot, at 740-597-1558 or lipot@ohio.edu.