Photographer  John Strohmeyer

Leadership Panels Bring Experts to Campus

Tyler Borchers
October 1, 2011

Leadership panels held on Ohio University’s campus on September 3oth invited some of the state’s most respected public officials to discuss leadership in regards to public service as well as women’s leadership roles.

Retired Senator George Voinovich, former Ohio House Speaker Jo Ann Davidson and Ohio Supreme Court Justice Yvette McGee Brown spoke to the challenges facing leaders in public service today.  Moderated by OHIO Alumnus David Wilhelm, the panelists made several key points. Honesty is the most important trait of a leader, according to Voinovich. “Your reputation, your character, starts now,” he said, speaking to the students in attendance. “Making the wrong decision is almost always better than making no decision at all,” Speaker Davidson said.

Earlier in the day Executive Vice President and Provost Dr. Pam Benoit, Justice McGee Brown, and Speaker Davidson comprised a panel focused directly on Women in Leadership.  Moderated by OHIO alumnus Beverly Jones the group discussed the importance of mentoring, leadership style, social networking and managing one’s energy. “One of the differences I see between male leadership and female leadership is that I think women tend to listen more and don’t have to dominate the conversation,” Benoit said. The panel also recognized the roles family has — both good and bad — in the life of a leader. “You have to make strategic decisions about when to parent and when to focus on your career,” Brown said.