State of the Region Conference

May 29, 2012

The inaugural Appalachian "State of the Region Conference: Understanding the Boom-Bust Cycle for Greater Sustainability," brought businesses, local governments, and economic development professionals together to examine the economic and other impacts related to the development of shale gas, including the short and long term impacts on businesses and local governments in our region.

Highlights of the conference included:
″ First-hand accounts from leaders in Pennsylvania who have been extensively involved in helping state and local governments and communities understand and manage the impacts of shale gas development in their area;
″ Information about impacts to date of shale gas development in Carroll County, Ohio;
″ Perspectives on the historical experience with boom and bust cycles in Pennsylvania and Ohio;
″ Information on current and developing efforts to understand and track data about community and environmental impacts of shale gas development in Ohio;
″ Guidance from experts in several fields regarding the impacts and opportunities of shale gas development in relation to industry supply chains, workforce development, investment capital, and philanthropy;
″ An introduction to Jobs Ohio and Appalachians Partnering for Economic Growth (APEG)

May 25th - News Watch Interview with Zachary Holl at the 12:23 mark, click here

Presentations available for download by clicking below:

"Real-time Experience of Early Boom Stages Panel: