Gaming Initiative coming to OU Campus

Voinovich School partners with Woodrow Wilson Center to bring Budget Hero, the serious game, to Ohio University

October 4, 2012

Budget Hero is an educational and nonpartisan online video game that lets people of all ages lend a hand at balancing the federal budget. This time around, Budget Hero launched a new election edition.Players choose whether to raise or cut taxes and how much to spend on a range of political priorities, including national security, education, foreign aid, social security and more. The new election edition offers updated features including 4 new badges and 27 new policies!

The Voinovich School and Wilson Center are hosting an open session to all who are interested in playing the game on Thursday, October 11th at 3:30pm in Bentley Hall Room 227. Interested participants may include Health Science Profession, Business, Arts and Sciences, Communication and HTC students, as well as student organizations and anyone who enjoys online gaming platforms. Budget Hero is also a good source of information for upcoming election issues.

Already played 1.3 million times, Budget Host is exceeding expectations! The open session provides an opportunity for Ohio University students to join in on the game various sources are calling "instructive and fun!" To check out the game, visit the link below and follow the listed instructions.

RSVP to  mf254508@ohio.edu



″ Go to www.budgethero.org

″ Choose one to three "badges" that represent your values and goals, such as advancing national security, promoting a healthier nation or playing the fiscal policies of Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.

″ A skyline then emerges with each building representing an issue category, from housing to health care, education to defense. From each subject area, choose policy cards that fund or cut spending on a host of initiatives. Click on the card to learn the pros, cons, and potential impact of each policy.

″ See how long it takes for your budget to go bust. You'll earn a "hero" badge when you correctly select enough cards within your chosen objective.

″ After you calculate your results, see the effects of your policies on the federal budget 10 years from now.