Budget Hero

Budget Hero Game Lets Students Balance Federal Budget

Mollie Fitzgerald
October 14, 2012

The Voinovich School and Woodrow Wilson Center partnered together for the first time to bring the Budget Hero game initiative to the OHIO campus on October 11th 2012. Budget Hero lets participants of all ages lend a hand in balancing the federal budget. Special guest and game creator, Diane Tucker, flew in from Washington D.C. to host the event.

Tucker emphasized the idea that Budget Hero is a great way for participants to familiarize themselves with political issues. "It is important to take time to educate yourself across disciplines to make an informed voting decision, especially with all the political conflict in Washington."

Dr. Geoff Dabelko, Director of the Environmental Studies Program at the Voinovich School, explained the impact people outside Washington have on political discourse. "Knowing where we currently spend our resources is critical to deciding how we will spend them in the future. The Wilson Center's Budget Hero is one way the public outside the Washington Beltway can plug in and connect on this critical political process." Prior to joining Ohio University's Voinovich School, Dr. Dabelko was the director of the Environmental Change and Security Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center.

With thirty-five participants, from middle school to emeritus faculty, Budget Hero proved to be a game suitable for anyone! Penny Morgan, a second year Environmental Studies student, explained "I can see this being very helpful to a teacher trying to make their students understand this usually complex set of issues as they go out into the world as voters."

Participants played Budget Hero for an hour and a half, focusing on various budget allocations and how legislators divide up spending. If you think you are a financial guru and can balance the US Budget, then Budget Hero is for you. According to Aaron Mueller, another second year Environmental Studies student, "if you have a competitive side, you will have fun playing the game, and the more you play the more you learn." The game is completely free and can be found online at www.budgethero.org.