Solar Supply Chain Database Promotes Ohio Manufacturing

Ohio University and the Ohio Development Services Agency to market

November 15, 2012

ATHENS, Ohio – As a leader in polymers, metals, glass and advanced manufacturing techniques, the state of Ohio is positioned to be a leader in solar energy component manufacturing. A new solar energy supply chain database project, developed by the Ohio University Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs and the Ohio Development Service Agency's Office of Energy, will promote Ohio companies within the solar industry.

"This database allows companies in the solar industry supply chain to identify Ohio manufacturers that can meet their manufacturing needs as the industry grows," said Chad Smith, deputy chief of the Office of Energy at the Ohio Development Services Agency. "Working with the Voinovich School, we will have a better understanding of Ohio's role in the solar industry and areas for growth, which will play a part in our economic development strategy."

The navigable supply chain database provides a definitive picture of Ohio companies engaged in the solar industry using a geocoded, interactive online map. The database and map will increase communication between stakeholders, act as a resource for businesses and the public, and identify potential growth areas which could lead to long-term job growth.

"The Voinovich School is proud to apply our technical capabilities to build this important online tool for the State of Ohio to expand its already strong presence in the solar industry. Combined with other supply chain analyses, Ohio University is helping the state develop a thorough understanding of its competitive advantages in the energy manufacturing space," said Scott Miller, director of energy and environmental programs at the Voinovich School.

To increase collaboration, the online resource will also include a discussion forum, case studies of successful Ohio solar companies, and document-sharing functionalities for stakeholders.

Ohio businesses interested in using thisfree, online resource can visit www.ohiosolarenergy.org.

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