The Voinovich School Welcomes Dr. Kolpakov

Mollie Fitzgerald
January 21, 2013

The Voinovich School gladly welcomes Aleksey Kolpakov, Assistant Professor in Public Management and Leadership, to the Voinovich School faculty. Over the past fifteen years, Dr. Kolpakov has taught public administration courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. His studies on intersectoral collaboration, extensive teaching experience and professional work as a consultant for the United Nations agencies exemplify his qualifications and passion for better understanding public and nonprofit organizations.

Most recently, Dr. Kolpakov developed a unique and first in the world methodology for conflict sensitivity assessment of legislative acts which allows preventing conflicts at both the national and local levels. Dr. Kolpakov also has a diverse educational background, combining European and American traditions of organizational behavior and theory. His skills of a social network analyst will be an indispensable asset in studying different partnerships and collaboration projects in the Southeast Ohio area.

Dr. Kolpakov explains, "I intend to build international orientation of the Voinovich School as well as assist public, private and nonprofit organizations in developing capacity for sustainable and fruitful collaboration." We look forward to working alongside Dr. Kolpakov's expertise on inter-organizational collaboration and conflict resolution in future Voinovich School projects and research.