Video: Undergraduate Research Scholar Profile

Madison Koenig
February 22, 2013

Matt Zofchak, a senior political science major in the Honors Tutorial College at Ohio University, has worked as an Undergraduate Research Scholar at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs for the past two years.

Currently, he is working with faculty and staff of the Voinovich School on the Trimble Township Promise Neighborhood Project, a community-building project that aims to identify the issues that affect children from the time they enter preschool until they graduate college and begin employment. The goal of the Promise Neighborhood Project is to give these children the tools and support they need for educational and developmental success.

Matt says that one of the things that Undergraduate Research Scholars have in common is that "We're all very motivated and research-focused and we know how to get tasks done well." Some of the things he values the most about his experience as a Scholar include the opportunity to do research and the meaningful nature of the School's projects. When considering the types of projects that Scholars work on, he notes, "It's not just work for us to do for our position, but these are really projects that are going to have a meaningful and long-lasting positive impact on the communities we're serving."

Watch this video to find out what Matt has to say about this project and his experience as a Scholar!

To learn more about the Trimble Township Promise Neighborhood Project, please visit: