Guide to starting an energy related business in Ohio

August 5, 2013

Are you an entrepreneur looking to start an energy-related business in Ohio? A current Ohio company seeking to diversify your energy products/services? An out-of-state energy-related company considering locating in Ohio?

Ohio offers a wide range of resources through its state policies, agencies and institutions that can help you grow your energy business.

Did you know?

  • Ohio's alternative energy portfolio standard passed in 2008 (S.B. 221) encourages the development of renewable and advanced energy resources and energy efficiency products and projects.
  • Ohio's four investor-owned utilities, dozens of municipal utilities and co-ops, and several state agencies have incentive programs that encourage renewable energy and energy efficiency investments.
  • Ohio's renewable energy supply chains are highly ranked at the national level and are supported by the state's strong foundation in manufacturing.

The resources on this site will help you access important information about growing your energy-related business in Ohio. To access the site visit: http://www.ohio.edu/ce3/resources/energybusinessguide/home.cfm  To learn more and discuss your options, please contact:

Business Services
Faith Knutsen, Associate Director of Operations
Ohio Energy Policy
Scott Miller, Director
Ohio University Voinovich School CE3