Congressman Steve Stivers address the crowd at the Voinovich School Welcome Reception.
Congressman Steve Stivers addresses the audience.
Photo by Steven Turville

Voinovich School Welcomes New Students

Zoe Graham
September 6, 2013

Ohio University students and faculty celebrated the uniqueness of the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs during the school's Welcome Reception in Walter Hall Rotunda on Wednesday, Sept. 4.

In his remarks, special guest Congressman Steve Stivers (R-15) described the Voinovich School as not just a "think tank," but a "do tank."

"There are hands-on-projects making a difference at the Voinovich School," he said.

Other speakers at the event emphasized the school's focus on the future. In his keynote address, school Director Mark Weinberg discussed how the school is taking action "to plan to be on the forefront of the changing times." Students Jeremiah Asaka and Lauren McCullough advised their peers to take advantage of valued opportunities available through the school. A second-year student in the master of science in environmental studies program, Asaka emphasized the importance of engaging with professors outside the classroom. "Time waits for no man," he said. "You are the chosen one."

Lauren McCullough, a second year student in the master of public administration program, congratulated the students for taking a leap as opportunities surrounds the students. In her eyes, the Voinovich School offers "the ability to immerse yourself in your passion and let innovation guide you to create social change."

Other attendees included Luke Pittaway, the new director of the Center for Entrepreneurship. He felt welcomed and is eager to be engaged in a program with an amazing diversity of events that enables public and social activities.

Allissa Lewis, a first-year graduatestudent in environmental studies, said she is excited about her "new opportunities to explore research and hands on experiences."

In his closing remarks, Weinberg said that by the end of their programs, students will have a "diverse portfolio" preparing them "to be able to think, innovate, and lead" with the "do tank" experiences employers expect of students. That is true for Megan Saunders, a second-year MPA student. She said she was apprehensive about seeking fellowships and jobs, but now feels prepared for the big transition as she completes the MPA program.