Entrepreneurship organization reaches milestone in journey to reduce food waste

Emily Bamforth
January 26, 2015

Enactus Ohio University, an organization that combines student and business forces to use the power of entrepreneurship to improve the standard of living for those in need, recently tried out its new food dehydrator.


The student group purchased its food dehydrator using a grant from General Mills.


The group purchased its first batch of produce at the Chesterhill Produce Auction with help from Rural Action, a local nonprofit organization that models sustainable development.


Members of the group slice the produce and place it on special trays for dehydration.


The group worked in the commercial kitchen at the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks on Columbus Road. ACEnet provides essential services to Appalachian Ohio businesses, especially in the Athens specialty foods community.

Enactus was able to use these manufacturing facilities due to a partnership with Community Food Initiatives, which works to provide the Athens community equal access to local foods.


The group processed about three and a half pecks of carrots and seven pecks of Golden Delicious apples — nearly 19 pounds of food.


A member of the group puts the produce into the food dehydrator.


Dehydrated produce is easier to store, lasts longer on the shelf, and retains more nutrients than other preservation methods.


The dehydrated apples and carrots are used in Enactus’ community education and awareness campaigns, held in conjunction with CFI’s Discovery Kitchen program. The Discovery Kitchen shows people ways to prepare healthier meals. Eventually, Enactus hopes to offer its dehydrated products to local food banks.

Photos courtesy of Seema Mahato