Kauneckis Presents at International Entrepreneurship in Climate Governance Conference

May 18, 2015

Professor Derek Kauneckis of the Environmental Studies program (MSES) presented at the EU-funded Innovations in Climate Governance (INOGOV) workshop in Amsterdam, Netherlands from May 18 - 19, 2015.  The workshop, Novel Approaches to Climate Governance and the Role of Entrepreneurship, is sponsored by European Cooperation in Science and Technology is being held at The Institute for Environmental Studies of the VU University in Amsterdam.

The workshop brings together scholars to discuss the role of entrepreneurship in affecting transitions in climate governance. Entrepreneurial initiatives are often regarded as absolutely crucial for the kind of policy invention and innovation processes that the climate change issue needs, at the national as well as international level. Policy entrepreneurs exploit windows of opportunity, organize experiments with new policies, recombine policy problems and solutions and create shadow networks (or niche areas) where novel ideas can be incubated.  

This workshop aims to foster better and more integrated analytical discussions about how entrepreneurship plays into climate policy and governance innovation. It includes a selection of invited social scientists from all disciplines to debate how and to what extent entrepreneurs influence governance and policy developments, with a view towards radical innovation and novel approaches.