Kauneckis to lead Mountain Research Initiative workshop

M.C. Tilton
September 14, 2015

Derek Kauneckis, associate professor in the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, has been invited to the Global Network of Long-Term Observatories on Mountain Social Ecological Systems (GNOMO) workshop at the Rocky Mountain National Laboratory in Gunnison, Colorado.

Dr. Kauneckis will lead a discussion session on developing approaches for examining the dynamic relationship between communities and their natural environments.   The workshop, “Mountains in the Anthropocene: Developing Long-Term Observatories for Mountain Socio-Ecological Systems,” involves researchers from around the world. 

Kauneckis is researching how climate change is likely to affect livelihoods and developing comparative metrics for understanding the resilience of communities to environmental change. The research will be applied to Southeast Ohio and the broader Appalachian region. 

The workshop is funded by the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) located in Bern, Switzerland, and the Swiss National Science Foundation, and is endorsed by the Global Land Project, UNESCO and Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB).