Recycling and zero waste efforts kick off during move-in weekend

Cheyanne Skaggs
August 11, 2016

This story originally appeared on Ohio University's Compass. To view it in its original form, click here.

As students return to campus for the fall semester, there are many opportunities to help in Ohio University’s recycling and sustainability efforts – an important goal for the University for the benefit of all Bobcats. 

OHIO’s Sustainability Plan calls for an 80 percent recycling rate in 2016.

According to Andrew Ladd, recycling and zero waste manager, over each of the last two years Ohio University students, faculty and staff have kept more than 7 million pounds per year of valuable materials out of the landfill through recycling, composting, donation and reuse.

“To achieve an 80 percent recovery rate sounds huge, and in fact it is,” Ladd said. “But as a campus community, to accomplish this goal, all we need to do is to recycle one more pound per person per week.”

Last year’s move-in effort alone saw the recovery of tons of cardboard and other recyclable packaging in a single weekend. This year, special collection sites will be located outside of every residence hall for all Styrofoam, cardboard, plastic packaging, and packing materials. Alongside those sites there will be mixed-stream recycling bins that are used yearlong to capture paper, aluminum, steel, glass, cardboard, and #1 through #7 plastics which include things like things like plastic bags, water bottles, empty milk cartons and detergent bottles. 

During move-in, Go Green team members will be available to answer questions related to the recycling of specific items. 

“Successful events such as move-in weekend, move-out weekend, Homecoming, and football games not only represent important steps towards achieving our sustainability goals but also represent powerful teaching tools in fostering the ongoing momentum towards the Bobcat culture of recycling,” Ladd added.

Achieving OHIO’s sustainability benchmarks takes the help and participation of all incoming freshmen, as well as continuing support from upperclassmen, staff and faculty. This year’s move-in weekend has the opportunity to break records, surpass expectations and start the process of making the class of 2020 one of the most environmentally conscious in OHIO’s history! 

For more information about Ohio University’s recycling and zero waste initiatives, visit www.ohio.edu/recycle