Voinovich student expo winner

Voinovich students rack up awards at research expo

Austin Ambrose
April 24, 2017

Voinovich School students collected 23 awards across different disciplines at the Ohio University Student Research and Creative Activity Exposition April 6. The school was well represented with more than 50 posters and presentations, demonstrating a variety of interests and research initiatives.

The Student Expo provides students the opportunity to present research findings or creative projects. Entries from Voinovich students — including master’s students and undergraduate research scholars — covered topics ranging from exploring social entrepreneurship in Yemen to assessing how climate change will affect tribal lands in the Southwest. Faculty and staff support these scholars as they explore subjects that will provide insights for real-world applicability.

Overview of the student expo

While the research proved itself with the number of awards received, the event acts as a collaborative time learn from other’s presentations.

“My favorite thing about the Expo is getting to learn more about all the research my friends and peers are doing,” Karie Whitman, master of science in environmental studies (MSES) candidate, said.

The Voinovich School congratulates all the award winners on their hard work and dedication to their research.

Student Expo Presenters

Regular Session Award Winners from the Voinovich School: (Name, title, judging group)

  • First Place: Salma Alokozai, Master of Public Administration (MPA) candidate, Voinovich Public Administration; Austin Ambrose, Undergraduate Research Scholar, Arts & Humanities; Lucy Callahan, Undergraduate Research Scholar, Psychology; David Driver and Colton Smith, Undergraduate Research Scholars, Economics; Tanner Filyaw, MSES candidate, Voinovich Energy & Environmental; Grace Fuchs, Undergraduate Research Scholar, Voinovich Energy & Environmental; Alexander Jones, MSES candidate, Voinovich Energy & Environmental; Kathryn Kemp, Undergraduate Research Scholar, Undergraduate Research Scholars; Mica Smith and Haley Kennedy, Undergraduate Research Scholars, Counsel of Higher Education; Jennifer Yurky, MSES, Voinovich Energy & Environmental
  • Second Place: Noha Al-khalqi, Undergraduate Research Scholar and MPA candidate, Undergraduate Research Scholars; Katelin Franklin, MPA candidate, Voinovich Public Administration; Gracie Keyes and Nicole Morino, Undergraduate Research Scholar and student services employee, Voinovich Undergraduate Research Scholars; Melanie Rudolph, MSES candidate, Voinovich Energy & Environmental; Gabrielle Russell, MSES candidate, Voinovich Energy & Environmental; Taylor Snelick, MSES candidate, Voinovich Energy & Environmental

Special Session Award Winners from the Voinovich School:

  • First Place:  Alex Burke, MSES candidate, Environmental Studies; Abbey Rodjom, Undergraduate Research Scholar, Environmental Studies; Taylor Snelick, MSES candidate, Environmental Studies
  • Second Place: Jonathan Norris, MSES candidate, Environmental Studies; Anna Palmer, MSES candidate, Sigma Xi; Karie Whitman, MSES candidate, Environmental Studies
  • Third Place: Karie Whitman, MSES candidate, Ohio Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Studies

For a complete look at the Voinovich School award winners and the event, visit the album on Flickr