Voinovich School faculty members approved for tenure and promotion

Austin Ambrose
May 17, 2017

As a result of outstanding scholarship, teaching, leadership and public service, five Voinovich School faculty members have been approved for tenure and/or promotion effective the 2017–18 academic year.

“Congratulations to these engaged faculty on their career achievement,” Mark Weinberg, Voinovich School Founding Dean, said. “Each achievement reflects an outstanding record and national reputation for engaged scholarship, innovative teaching, leadership development and training, and dedicated public service to the School, University, region and state.”

Dr. Judy Millesen

Currently an associate professor for the Voinovich School, Millesen received a promotion to the rank of professor. She teaches classes on public administration, nonprofit management and nonprofit fundraising.

Her work in nonprofit management distinguishes her as a leading expert in the field. The theoretical and applied contributions she’s made can be found in her classes, as she blends community-centric and applied learning to enhance the outcomes for her students.

She is also an active member of the local community, previously serving on the board of directors for the Athens Foundation.

Dr. Ani Ruhil

Promoted to the rank of professor, Ruhil is currently an associate professor at the school. He teaches quantitative research methods, policy analysis, and program evaluation for the school’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) program.

Ruhil and his colleague Marsha Lewis’ research from the past ten years earned the Voinovich School the Research Partnership award by Battelle for Kids. The School was the only one to receive this honor and it was in coordination with the 15th anniversary celebration for Battelle for Kids.

Dr. Jason Jolley

Jolley became tenured and was promoted to the rank of associate professor. He currently serves as an assistant professor of economic development and is the director of the Master of Public Administration program at the Voinovich School.

His research explores economic development with an emphasis in policy evaluation and economic impact studies. Within the years of evaluation, Jolley published sixteen peer-reviewed articles. Eight of the sixteen publications came during his time at the Voinovich School.

He also principal in the new U.S. Economic Development Administration University Center five-year grant with Bowling Green State University, a program that connects local governments and organizations with the resources and expertise of nearby colleges and universities to promote economic development.

Dr. Sarah Davis

Davis also became tenured and was promoted to the rank of associate professor. Davis, an ecosystem ecologist with an expertise in energy bioscience, biogeochemisty and ecophysiology, currently serves as an assistant professor at the School.

She explores opportunities for bioenergy development and works to describe environmental impacts and benefits of novel second-generation bioenergy production systems. In her efforts, she established active applied research areas in the domain of bioenergy and biofuels.

Dr. Derek Kauneckis

Kauneckis was the third member to become tenured and receive the rank of associate professor. Kauneckis currently teaches in the Environmental Studies program. His research focuses on governance as applied to environmental science technology policy as well as local government climate change policies.

His work has been supported by the Fulbright Scholar Program, the National Science Foundation, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the United States Department of Agriculture. He is currently the Co-PI on a $3.9 million National Science Foundation grant on water demands under climate change.