Voinovich School professor elected president of regional science association

Daniel Kington
July 3, 2017

Dr. Jason Jolley, Associate Professor of Economic Development and director of the Master of Public Administration program at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, was elected President of the Mid-Continent Regional Science Association (MCRSA) at their 48th Annual Conference in Toledo, Ohio in June 2017. Jolley was previously elected to the Executive Committee as President Elect in 2016 and Vice President in 2015.

“I am honored that the MCRSA elected me as President,” Jolley said. “The applied research conducted by MCRSA members mirrors much of my work here at the Voinovich School.”

MCRSA is an organization consisting of an interdisciplinary membership from academics and other public and private organizations. They are interested in using the tools of regional science to help solve applied problems in rural and urban areas at the local, state and national levels.

Membership consists of campus-based teachers and researchers, outreach educators, public and private analysts, consultants and many others. The disciplines represented within the group include economics, planning, geography, business, sociology and public administration. While the majority of membership is generally located in the central United States, MCRSA has active members throughout the world.

“Jason has been stalwart within our organization for a number of years,” Dr. John Leatherman, executive director of the MCRSA, said. “We appreciate him stepping up to a leadership role.”

For additional information, visit the MCRSA website