Voinovich School students encouraged to participate in mentorship program

August 22, 2017

Students at Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs are part of a long tradition of alumni and partners engaged in a wide range of public, private sector and non-profit careers. Voinovich School students have an opportunity to gain valuable insights from practitioners with years of experience in state and local government, non-governmental organizations and the private sector through the Voinovich School mentorship program.

The Voinovich School’s mentorship program allows students to connect with the School’s alumni and partners to better understand the practical realities of their future professional lives. The program enhances the student experience and provides them the following additional opportunities:

  • Building strong networks for students with alumni and their extended contacts;
  • Providing practical advice for successfully working in a variety of public and private work settings;
  • Advising students on skill sets, experiences, and areas of expertise valued within a variety of public and private work settings;
  • Connecting students with internship and work opportunities.

To achieve these goals, mentors meet with participating students for at least four hours throughout each semester by telephone and/or in person.

In order to connect with a mentor, students are encouraged to sign up here. Further resources for students are included in the School’s Mentorship Toolkit for Students packet.

For additional information, please contact Amista Lipot, lipot@ohio.edu, 740.597.1558.


Mentor success stories: