FDIC Roundtable

Voinovich School hosts FDIC roundtable to discuss Appalachian economic development and inclusion

Alexis Eichelberger
October 24, 2018

As part of an Economic Growth and Opportunity Leadership Series, the Ohio University Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs in Athens, Ohio recently hosted the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Community Affairs program regional roundtable, “Advancing Economic Inclusion in Appalachia,” on October 4.

The full-day discussion included more than 20 representatives of local and statewide nonprofits, academic institutions, foundations and other community-based organizations committed to improving the financial climate in Appalachia. The roundtable enabled the FDIC to gather information and identify gaps in services in financial education and literacy, access to safe and affordable banking products and mortgage credit, household financial stability and small business development services. 

“Our challenge is to help financial institutions, community-based organizations and others fill those gaps where economic inclusion has not occurred,” FDIC Community Affairs Specialist Glenn Brewer said. “We’ve identified that as one of the core responsibilities of the FDIC. That’s really why we are here today.”

Brewer, who introduced the day’s discussions and activities, said the purpose of the FDIC’s Economic Inclusion and Financial Empowerment Initiative is to promote the widespread availability and use of quality and affordable products and services that help people meet financial goals. That mission statement is what brought the FDIC to Ohio University.

“We have a rich history of partnerships with everybody in this room in relation to trying to promote economic growth and opportunity, and inclusion in this region,” Voinovich School Founding Dean Mark Weinberg said at the event. “Like most of you, it’s not a single approach; we’ve worked collaboratively. We’ve had not only regional and local, but also federal, state and private support.”

The FDIC Community Affairs program develops and works through national and local partnerships to promote stability and public confidence in the nation’s financial system and promotes comprehensive access to banking services across the United States. The program collaborates with other federal and regulatory agencies, financial institutions, community-based organizations, and local and state governments to identify and address opportunities for community development and economic inclusion. Ten roundtables are being held this fall throughout the FDIC Appalachian region of the United States to solicit local insights to inform the development of a coordinated multi-year strategy