Environmental studies candidate honored with Outstanding Teaching Award

Kat Tenbarge
April 23, 2019

Holly Latteman, a second-year Master of Science in Environmental Studies candidate graduating this May, is one of four 2019 recipients of the Graduate Associate Outstanding Teaching Award. Latteman received the award at a ceremony on April 23 during Graduate Professional Student Appreciation Week.

Latteman was nominated by students in Dr. Donald Miles, professor of biological sciences, ornithology course, where she worked as a teaching assistant. This is the first course she has taught as a graduate student at Ohio University.

“I had no idea they nominated me until I got an email notifying me that I was selected as one of eight finalists,” Latteman said. “I’m very passionate about watching my students succeed, so it was wonderful to hear.”

Latteman was interviewed by students from different departments about her teaching style, which she says includes putting in extra time for students who need it, finding outside resources, and explaining class concepts in different ways for different learners.

As a teaching assistant, Latteman set up labs, quizzes students, helps field trips run smoothly, and provides students with the tools they needed to succeed.

“If a student wants to succeed, giving them those resources and watching them accomplish their goals is the most rewarding feeling,” Latteman said.

A 2017 graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University, where she also worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant, Latteman studied zoology, environmental studies, sociology, and anthropology. In Athens, she has researched black vulture range expansion and human-wildlife conflict.