Voinovich public private partnership book earns multiple endorsements

Christina Van Fossen
August 7, 2019

Two noteworthy publications have recently reviewed the book, “Empowering the Public-Private Partnership: The Future of America’s Local Government,” by Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs’ namesake, the late Sen. George V. Voinovich. Published in 2017 posthumously, this primer discusses Voinovich’s personal experience with public-private partnerships, specifically during his time as mayor of Cleveland. 

In the Public Administration Review, Sharon Paynter, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Community Engagement at East Carolina University noted, “This book is a departure from the current national political climate punctuated by partisanship. Instead, it offers a reflection on nonpartisan, collaborative leadership strategies that manifested in successful economic development and community revitalization efforts.”
Public-private partnerships, or P3s, are a teamwork between private and public sectors to mutually benefit society. Paynter credited Voinovich for his longstanding relationships with communities. 

“Over and over again, passion for communities is highlighted as a driving force in bringing players together,” she wrote. 

As stated in Voinovich’s book, “Each partner in the shared enterprise should be represented by a trusted and reliable spokesperson.” 

Paynter was not the only one to recognize Sen. George Voinovich as a leader. 

“Though he champions the world of business, he acknowledges public employees—who willingly joined in the fight to re-make the city—as an important part of the story,” Joseph Romance, independent scholar from eJournal of Public Affairs wrote. 

As a leader for decades, Voinovich’s legacy lives on both through his book and the impact he left on others. 

“As president of the National League of Cities, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with hundreds of other city leaders. I’ve come to understand just how many common values and challenges we share — and it has made me a better leader. But no single person has influenced my leadership as much as the late Senator George V. Voinovich, the former mayor of Cleveland, governor of Ohio, and president of NLC,” Matt Zone, councilmember of Cleveland, wrote for Cities Speak.

“Over a career spanning more than forty years, Senator Voinovich was an American example of leadership, public service, and civic pride. He made an indelible mark on my home city and state and serves, to this day, as a role model of public service,” continued Zone. 

George Voinovich’s dedication to public-private partnerships, as discussed in his primer, helped save the city of Cleveland, gave insight to leaders of today, and teaches the leaders of tomorrow. 

The book is currently available on Amazon.com