Policy Innovation and Strategic Leadership

The Voinovich School has a long history of service to Appalachian Ohio in particular and the state more generally in numerous ways. Specifically, the School helps state, county, and local governments and non-profits by providing innovative applied research, technical assistance, and building leadership and organizational performance capacity.

The School provides applied research and technical support to governmental and non-profit organizations, covering areas such as, health care, education, and community economic development. Our support provides innovative solutions by facilitating operational and programmatic development, performance measurement, program evaluations, strategic planning, process improvement and policy innovation. Data-driven decision-making frames our solutions and includes a host of approaches – focus groups, interviews, survey research, analysis of existing data, geographic information systems (GIS), and economic impact studies for public, private, and non-profit sectors.

The School helps to build leadership capacity in the state with its customizable suite of executive education programs for public and non-profit managers as well as degree programs for students. Our flexible online Master of Public Administration program seeks to prepare students as leaders inspiring social change. Undergraduate students at Ohio University receive valuable instruction and experience in applied policymaking and analysis via the Voinovich Undergraduate Research Scholars Program, a very selective and extremely popular year-long academic curriculum. In addition, the School is home to Ohio University's Master of Public Administration program, an interdisciplinary program equipping graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to address difficult social problems, meet complex challenges, and enhance public value in organizational contexts. The School also offers a cohort-based Executive Master of Public Administration program that combines weekend residencies with distance learning to offer academic opportunities to professionals and non-traditional students.