IT, Database, and Web Development

Voinovich School IT consultants use industry-standard programming languages – such as .Net, ArcObjects, Visual Studio, JavaScript – and database technologies to develop custom web-based and GIS driven software applications for local government, business, and non-profit clients. Our team of IT professionals specializes in rendering complex information and location-based data in visually pleasing easy to use and understandable forms, so the information and data can be used to make more strategic business decisions.

Our team members are highly skilled and experienced in application design and development and able to create customized data visualization tools. Our goal when developing custom applications and web sites is to ensure that end users have the tools they need to enhance their productivity and, more importantly, to quickly make good operational and administrative decisions.

Our team focuses their unique combination of creative, technical, and problem-solving skills on meeting the client's specific needs and requirements. Our team has created sophisticated applications for uses such as watershed analysis and modeling, advanced energy, and educational and health data analysis supporting application service and maintenance. Our developers have in-depth knowledge of such technical and scientific topics as air and water quality monitoring, geology, demographics, and advanced energy. As part of an educational institution, we also train students on the use of the various software packages and data visualization techniques utilized in our client projects.

For more more information please contact:
Elkan Kim, kimt@ohio.edu, 740.597.1692