Performance Measurement and Evaluation

The Voinovich School has extensive experience in program evaluation and the development of performance measurement systems to help expand the capacity of organizations at the local and state level. Using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, the School offers evaluation services to meet the needs of state agencies, health care providers, community agencies, school districts, foundations and local government. Related services provided by the Voinovich School include assessment of program effectiveness, design of program objectives, development of self-evaluation mechanisms, establishment of benchmark indicators and integration of performance measures throughout the planning, development and implementation of services. Our evaluation staff includes individuals with specialized skills in the fields of statistics, education, public health, computer science, social work, political science and public administration. In addition, the School’s technology resources allow for cutting-edge services in the areas of geographic information systems, statistical analysis, survey execution and analysis, and database development and management.

For more information please contact either:
Marsha Lewis, lewism5@ohio.edu, 740-593-1435 or
Lesli Johnson, johnsol2@ohio.edu, 740-593-9739